Rugose spiraling whiteflies are a major problem here beachside and are slowly making their way to main land. These Aphids can ruin your Beautiful Palms, ornamentals and trees when left unattended and not treated. Whiteflies have piercing-sucking (needle-like) mouthparts with which they puncture the leaf and suck the plant fluids which eventually kills the plant or tree. Whiteflies excrete a sugary substance called honeydew, and an unsightly black fungus called sooty mold grows on the honeydew. Besides being unattractive, sooty mold may interfere with photosynthesis, reduce plant growth, and cause early leaf drop. Sooty mold usually weathers away after an insect infestation is controlled. We offer several Different Whitefly Treatments and Preventions, all of which are backed up with Our 1 Year Guarantee! Call Brendan to Schedule your Free Inspection (321) 557-4425 or submit a request 24 hours a day.