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Pool Patio




Border Project






All work is 100% Guaranteed!

Decorative Retaining Wall and
Landscape Install

New Contruction Landscape Install

New Contruction Landscape Install

New Contruction Landscape Install

New Contruction Landscape Install

16 Pallet Sod install, Coconut Palm install and Mulch.

New Construction Landscape Install

Pet Play Area

Complete tear out and landscape.

Yard cleanup and mulch install

Landscape Design

Here we cleaned out the plant beds such as weeds and debris, trimmed all the overgrown hedges and installed black mulch.

We installed 20 cubic yards of crushed coquina to create a beach like hang out area in the back yard with fire pit and Bar-B-Q pad included!

This project consisted of tearing out dead Hawthorns and Illex and replacing
them with healthy ones and mulch installation.

This was a complete removal of the old concrete and new paver installation for front patio and walkway.

Trimming, landscaping and Re-Mulch at Historic Yact Club of Melbourne Florida

Complete removal of old landscaping and
new landscape install.


Sod, landscaping and Hedge Trimming


Black Mulch Install, landscaping and Hedge Trimming

Crushed Coquina Install and landscaping.

Tree Removal

Sod installation after pool install.

Hardscape and plant landscaping design and install

Hardscape and landscaping plant install

This project consisted of adding a brick paver walk way and landscaping to a high end
remodeled home. We added two custom step downs at the entrance and installed 8
pallets of floratam sod.

This Job consisted of over 400 bags of mulch, landscaping and the install
off 55 Indian Hawthorn Plants for a local furntiture store relocating to this new location.​

This is a paver installation running along the back side of a house with an exterior shower install.

This project consisted of the complete removal of five oak trees. Sod install, hardscape and tree replacement installation and landscaping.

This project involved installing a radius paver walkway and paver platform.
First, we cut out the grass, added concrete fines, laser graded, tamped the surface flat, installed the pavers,
added the sand and tamped once again to even the surface.
We then cut out the edges of the grass to allow for landscaping along the walkway and platform area.

This project envolved trimming 20 tall palm trees and a large row of seagrapes.

This particular project involved the complete removal of existing grass and replacing it with Bahia and landscaping. We also added 3 square yards of 1-1/2 inch white river rock with landscaping fabric in all the plant beds and added 3 garden boxes in the back yard. We rolled the bahia with a double barrel roller to allow a smoother surface for mowing and added more landscaping for extra appeal.

This is a landscaping project that required us to remove the entire drive way, walk way and front porch. We also tore out all the hedges around the side beds and front beds as well as all the mulch and debris located within the beds. We created a paver walk way from the front of the house to the pool located at the back of the house. We installed several varieties of low maintenance, colorful small plant species. The drive way and new walk way were replaced with pavers and we installed white river rock though out all the plant beds. If you are interested in landscaping please call today for a free estimate.​

This project involved landscaping, tearing out old overgrown hedges and plants, minimizing plant beds, adding white river rock and border, and installing a low maintenance landscape design.

This is a landscaping install at a local attorneys office. We installed 60 Potacarpus and 8 Crepe Myrtles including annuals and mulch and new curbing.

This is a property located directly on the ocean where the sea grapes were over grown and obstructing the view. We cut back the sea grapes so that the client can enjoy his ocean side view.

This client had us remove weeds and debris and add fresh mulch which later we installed landscaping.

This is an area were the yard was destroyed by chinch bugs. We cut out the dead grass and replaced it with fresh sod.

Paver Project After and Before Images